Expo-Champs is

For our visitors, a business and technological experience, an encounter with science, a family gathering and a special moment to see in action the tractors, equipment and machines you had the chance to see at the Salon de l’agriculture, while reading or consulting Internet and the social medias. From the manufacturer to the farm, and all the required services to operate your business, live unique experiences!

For our exhibitors, the place to be in Quebec, to do business, meet customers and add new ones,  while presenting them your new services, equipment and technology. Wether when participating at field demos or enabling machinery test drives or presenting your services, equipment, machines and tractors in your booth, we meet all quality and brand awareness standards.

For our sponsors and partners, the pay back is unmatched and a chance to meet farmers that are already your customers or will become, but also all sectors of the industry that relate to you as customers or partners.  Agriculture plays a vital role in our economy and Expo-champs reflect the dynamism of this sector.